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20 April 08

24 Hour Wilson Memorial:
More creatives named as submissions now open

Reification *
Midday. Midsummer. Manchester.

More big names have been added to the creative line-up for Reification - the Tony Wilson Experience, as submissions open for the next three weeks for talented young people who wish to be considered for inclusion in the event.

Alan McGee, Matt Greenhalgh, Sue Woodward, Stuart Maconie, Kevin Cummins and Grant Gee are the latest creatives to pledge their support to the event being held in Manchester on June 21 and 22 in memory of broadcaster, entrepreneur, and creative champion, Anthony H Wilson.

Representing the music industry, screenwriting, broadcasting, writing, photography, and film production, they are the latest to agree to take part in Manchester's longest ever intelligent conversation with its eclectic mix of creative talents who will be debating, engaging and challenging each other nonstop for 24 hours from midday on Saturday June 21.

Online submissions from creative and talented individuals aged over 18 years who want to be part of the event are now invited for the next three weeks through the event website

Up to 200 talented individuals will be selected through this process for the potential they show in the creative arts and the benefit it is thought they will get out of being involved in The Tony Wilson Experience. Entries will be judged by a broad panel that includes designer and Creative Director for Manchester City Council Peter Saville, and others from a wide range of creative disciplines who all have a stake in the event.

Matt Greenhalgh, screenwriter whose credits include the screenplay for last year's highly acclaimed film 'Control' about Ian Curtis, lead singer of former Factory act Joy Division, said: "I can trace much of my own creative inspiration and spark back to Tony - from the days when I would pass through the hallowed doors of the Hacienda with Tony winking at me from his portrait behind the front desk, to my latest work on 'Control'.

"I was lucky - I got my own taste of the Tony Wilson Experience and all that went with that from the man himself. For all the creative young people out there who didn't get that chance but who are determined to get somewhere with their talent, this weekend is an absolute essential for them.

"With such a diverse mass of talent and creative experience in one place and at their disposal - all because of Tony - this is going to be 24 hours that I really think could change their lives."

Funded by Manchester City Council, the event is being organised by the Council working alongside an informal group of some of Tony's former colleagues and friends.

The experienced creatives taking part in the event, each of whom has achieved significant success in their chosen field, and who all testify to the influence, support and inspiration of Tony Wilson, are all giving their time freely to share their experience for the benefit of the young people taking part.

It is hoped that this year's event may form the basis for further activity next year and in future years.

Vicky Rosin, Assistant Chief Executive Culture, Manchester City Council, said: "Unique and unmissable, this event promises be the talk not just of 24 hours but of the whole summer that follows.

"The talented young people chosen to take part will have unprecedented access to a wide range of highly successful creative individuals who we hope will inspire them, engage them, and help them unlock their future potential."

Submissions are open until Monday 26th May. Individuals will find out in early June if their submissions have been successful and they have been chosen to take part.


MEDIA CONTACT: Jane Lemon, Manchester City Council Press Office, Tel: 0161 234 3179 / mobile 07798 947519